We’ve produced award winning content for a variety of major studios and television networks. Here’s a look at some of the projects we’re currently working on and at some of the work our producers have done in the past. For more information, click the contact link and we’ll get back to you right away!

2012 and 2013 Projects

    •   Reality TV Series – completed, now being shopped for strategic partners and broadcast.
    •  E-Special TV 1 hour show – shot and being edited.
    •  Documentary – DUPED – shot and being edited.
    •  TV Action Drama Series – concept format
    •  Realtiy TV Series – finalizing Strategic partner deal.
    •  TV Commercials and Animation – Completed.
    •  Script– Optioned for new action series


Past Project Sampling of Our Producers

  •  The Ray Bradbury Theater – Award Winning TV Series for HBO
  •  Death of a Playmate: The Dorothy Stratten Story – NBC
  •  FLIPPER – Universal Pictures
  •  Rodeo of the Stars – ESPN
  •  CHIPS Reunion – NBC



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